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BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium

top_main2.jpgpre-02.jpgLithe Premium uses 2 kinds of carefully selected leather. By devising new techniques of assembling, we were successful in making it fit the body better and decreasing the stress to the body caused by the weight of t he instrument to the minimum.
The player can appreciate the comfortable fit and enjoy the rich tone it helps to create the moment the strap is on. The color of the leather improves with use to add a superior luster.

Front side leather

The best quality Italian tanned leather made by the traditional ※Vachetta method. This leather is known for both its elasticity and distinctive smoothness.
※A traditional Italian method of leather making that takes labor and time, in which the rawhide is vegetable-tanned and slowly oiled. Succeeded by only a few leather dressers in Florence.

Backside leather

Leather used for clothing that is soft and gentle against the skin. (Same leather as regular Lithe.)

Production method

Our veteran craftsmen employ ingenuity in many places in order to make the best use of the smoothness of the top quality leather. As always, each part is carefully handmade.


S, M, L
For those who do not have a retail store nearby or online customers, please contact us.


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top_main2.jpgitem_1_1.jpgBREATHTAKING Strap was created by a saxophonist who suffered from problems caused by long hours of practice using a conventional neck strap.


You can play with a good posture!


You can breathe deeply!


Soft leather and padding add comfort as well!


S, M, L
For those who do not have a retail store nearby or online customers, please contact us.


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Limited Edition BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Cardinal Red

The combination of red and black adds a luxurious feel to already popular Lithe.

※Sizes :S, M, L

Product Details

Limited Edition Saxophone Strap Lithe with Color Stitches

※From left: Forest Green, Canary Yellow, Marigold, Sunny Red
Same great straps but with color stitches.

We chose 4 colors that people requested the most.

They are handmade by our craftsmen as our regular straps.
High in functionality and quality, we are sure you will love using this limited edition Saxophone Strap Lithe with Color Stitches.

※Sizes (Each color) :S, M, L

Product Details

Wraplift Reversible

When Wraplift is attached to the BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe, it improves the 3 main benefits of the strap: No stress to the neck, no stress to the chest, and the division of the weight of the instrument.

“It’s as if the strap is floating.”

Wraplift creates a space between the body and the strap and gives the player a feeling that the strap is floating from the body. You feel the weight of the instrument even less, breathing becomes easier, and the sound richer.

1. Increased comfort during performance
Wraplift is designed to lift the strap away from the body, resulting in more freedom around the neck and chest, and the breaths going into the instrument without any interruption.
2. Keeping the strap in place
Wraplift is reversible. Depending on what you wear, you can choose the material (leather or suede) to prevent the strap from slipping.
3. Decreased feel of weight
Its design also divides the weight of the instrument by lifting the strap.
4. Soft and comfortable fit
It wraps the triangle part of Saxophone Strap Lithe and protects the body with a soft cushion


Product Details

Mouthpiece Patches

a0111982_16242495.jpgMouthpiece Patches prevent the stress to the teeth and protect the mouthpieces.
The material prevents the teeth from slipping and gives comfort.


Patches last longer by layering. If your teeth are different in length, you can put an extra layer where the shorter tooth touches.


You hardly notice the patch is there. The material has almost no cushion to reduce the stress to the gum.

Product Details

Non-Slip Suede Kit

a0111982_16221219.jpgThis product is a set of self-stick suede patches to put on the strap to prevent it from slipping. We chose suede for its natural softness. It will prevents the strap from slipping but does not stick to the clothes. It also helps the player to produce the best tone.


Choose the same size as your breathtaking Saxophone Strap.
※Non-Slip Suede Kit is designed to fit only breathtaking Saxophone Strap and will not fit other saxophone straps.


  1. Make sure you have the correct patch for each strap. It is optional to put the patch on the Back Strap.
  2. Peel off the paper and carefully put each patch on the straps.
  3. Press on the patches so they stick well, especially on the edges.


  • Natural leather loses its original color after use.
  • Moisture and friction on suede might cause stains on clothes.
  • In case product absorbs water (including sweat), wipe with dry, soft cloth and dry it in a ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep where well ventilated.

Please follow the instructions and handle suede with care.