Our Stress on Quality
No Deception. No Cutting Corners. Artistry That Comes From Our Craftsman's Heart And Soul

Each BREATHTAKING Strap is handmade by a Japanese craftsman.
There is no compromise in material selection, design,
functionality and sewing to maintain the highest quality.


Each BREATHTAKING Strap is painstakingly handmade by a skilled craftsman who is extremely knowledgeable in working with leather.
He possesses the skills to meet our strict and detailed requirements for sewing the strap.
If the strap was made without attention to details, the current BREATHTAKING quality in ergonomics and sound production could not be maintained.
Not only does he possess high skill levels, but he also pours his wisdom and knowledge acquired through his vast experience into our products.
There is a saxophone in his workshop that he uses to make sure everything works.
He attends recitals to see how players use the straps.
And above all, he deeply loves music.
His skills, attention to details, love for music and his feelings for the product go into every BREATHTAKING Strap.


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PRODUCTION POLICIES (An Interview With Our Craftsman)

Q:What's Important to You When it Comes to Product Making?
I have confidence in my skills but I pay attention to details to ensure uniformity in products. Other people may not be able to understand the value of skills or quality but I do. For this reason, I want to make high-quality products with no deception.

Q:Difference In Quality
To maintain product quality even after years of use, auxilliary materials and even skills that go into making parts that are invisible to the eye play an important part.

Q:Production With Feelings
I make my products imagining customers' delight and satisfaction, because I believe users' feelings are of the utmost importance.

Q:About Music
I love music, and I am glad that through the BREATHTAKING straps, I am connected to the players. Although I can't play music, I did a lot of research and came to be able to understand potential issues that performers may face.

Q:Development And Production
The person who developed the strap is an amateur when it comes to production, so she often makes unreasonable demands! (Laughter) It would make my life easy if I simply dismissed such demands as undoable, but I believe it is important to consider and take all demands seriously and, by doing so, I can keep improving.

Every time when the developer of the strap demands a better product from me, I decide to produce something that exceeds her demands. Therefore, I also make a lot of suggestions. Constant communications and discussions lead to a real "good product". Even when our discussions are unrelated to the strap, I'm always looking for good ideas because you never know where a discussion can lead you.

Though there has been disagreement between the developer and me, our goal is the same and that is to be able to help saxophone players. BREATHTAKING will keep making the best products because of this common goal of ours.

About The Leather Used for Making BREATHTAKING

We select our leather using our different senses and we make trial products repeatedly to make sure the leather is suitable for the strap. Different high-quality leather may look the same but they may have a totally different feel when made into a strap. Our criteria when it comes to leather selection are whether it makes a comfortable fit, whether it helps make the instrument feel lighter, and that it does not interrupt breathing. We take great pains to select the most suitable materials and production method in order to make the best use of the leather's features.