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BREATHTAKING Sales launched in Poland.

November 2018

Sales started at JARMULA Music in Tarnow, Poland.


New stores in Spain!

October 2018

Sales started at SANGANXA Music Store in Valencia, Spain.

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Musik Bertram.jpg

BREATHTAKING Sales launched in Germany.

August 2018

Sales started at Bläserforum Blasinstrumente in Köln, Germany.
Sales started at Musik Bertram in Freiburg, Germany.

Music Elements.jpg

BREATHTAKING Sales launched in Singapore.

June 2018

Sales started at Music Elements in Singapore.

Classical Idea Instrument LLC.jpg

BREATHTAKING Sales launched in Taiwan.

June 2018

Sales started at Classical Idea Instrument LLC in Taipei, Singapore.



New stores in Korea!

May 2018

Sales started at DWK double reed company in Seoul, Korea.
Sales started at Mokhwa total musical instrument company in Seoul, Korea.


BREATHTAKING Sales launched in Korea.

September 2017

Sales started at SOUL MUSIC in Seoul, Korea.

Atelier Sax Machine.png

BREATHTAKING Sales launched in France.

May 2017

Sales started at Atelier Sax Machine in Paris, France.


New store in the USA!

March 2015

Meridian Winds in Okemos, Michigan is our newest retailer!
It's a beautiful woodwind/brasswind specialty store with many friendly staff!
We are delighted they joined our team!


Sales launched in Russia!

December 2015

Sales started at Music Atelier Goncharov in Moscow, Russia!



BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium
Limited Edition Color Model and
Limited Edition Color Stitch Model Released!

November 19, 2015

Much anticipated Limited Edition Color Model and Limited Edition Color Stitch Model have arrived!
Limited Edition Color Coral Pink is graceful and cheerful.
Limited Edition Stitch Model has 4 different colors: Green, Red, Pink and Blue.
The colors are subtle yet they add unique character to the straps.


17th World Saxophone Congress & Festival (France) Exhibition!

July 9-13, 2015

The small town Strasbourg was inundated with saxophone music.
The BREATHTAKING table was popular with many visitors every day.
We were happy to see old friends and joyful reactions from new visitors.
Our big thanks to all the staff and visitors!


Sales Launched in Spain!

April 2015

Sales started on based in Madrid, Spain!


Sales Launched in the Netherlands!

February 2015

Sales started at De Saxopoonwinkel in Deventer, the Netherlands.


BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium Released! 

December 1,2014

“Light on the Shoulders” - Improved BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe.
Lithe Premium is born!


Limited-Time Offer: BREATHTAKING Original T-Shirts!

June 6, 2014

We were going to choose only a few colors but ended up with a wide range
because they are all so cute!
100% Cotton - Oh, so soft!
8 Colors. ¥1,500 + Shipping



Nagoya Sax Festa 2014 Exhibition!

April 13, 2014

Atopia Hall, Nagoya Seishonen Bunka Center
Over 800 people attended this Tokai area saxophone festival.
Our table was very popular with many players trying on our straps.
To those who purchased the straps and everyone who visited us: Thank you so much!


North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference 2014 Exhibition!

March 20-23, 2014

University of Illinois, USA
Huge event with some 1,300 attendants not only from North America but also from all over the world!
Many great players, lecturers and exhibitors gathered.
Our anxiety of attending the first international event was erased with people's enthusiastic response.
Everyone who tried the strap said, "Amazing!”

Photo left: John Nichol (President, NASA, Professor, Central Michigan University)
Photo right: Myles Boothroyd (Winner, NASA Classical Competition Artist Division, Master's candidate, Eastman School of Music)


Article published in BRASStribe Vol. 30!


Magazine BRASStribe Vol. 30 introduced our new products and covered the history behind them.


Wraplift Released!

December 15, 2013

Wraplift attaches to the strap and enhances its 3 benefits:
No neck constriction.
No chest constriction.
Even distribution of instrument's weight.


BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Limited Edition Color Cardinal Red Released!

December 15, 2013

The graceful crimson-colored leather and the black hardware together
give a sense of sophistication and high quality.
This is a strap suitable for everyone regardless of gender.


Sales launched in Hong Kong!

July 2013

Sales started at Tom Lee Music in Hong Kong!


BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Limited Edition Color Stitch Model Released!

March 22, 2013

We listened to your requests and made Limited Edition Color Stitch Model in 4 colors.
The design and functionality are exactly the same and each one was handmade by our craftsman.
First time or long time users, we are sure you will love this model!


Mouthpiece Patches New Version Released!

March 22, 2013

Patches prevent abrasion of teeth and the mouthpiece.
The patches work on both saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces.
With the help of Nobuya Sugawa, we have tried hundreds of materials
and finally found the very best.


Non-Slip Suede Kit Released!

March 22, 2013

Suede patches adhere to the back of the strap to prevent it from slipping.
These will improve the fit of BREATHTAKING Strap.