For The Sake Of Players
For Improvement of Sound Quality

Jiro Akamatsu

I have been playing the saxophone for many years.
Until recently, I regarded the strap as a mere accessory to keep the instrument from falling and to help me decide the position of the instrument.
I felt all the straps were more or less the same.
But I was surprised to find that the BREATHTAKING Strap not only strongly supports the body and the instrument, but also improves sound quality.
Not only that, but I also feel calm once I put on this strap.
For me, the BREATHTAKING strap is an important tool - no, I should say "buddy".

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Professor, Osaka College of Music, Osaka Junior College of Music

Yasushi Arai

When I use BREATHTAKING, I can play the sax easier with a better posture, and the sound carries further because there is little stress around the neck and the throat so the air goes through (the instrument) better.
In addition, I don't notice any shoulder tension as I did before even after playing for a long time.
I would like to keep using it.

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■Tenor saxophone, Trouvère Quartet

Sumichika Arimura

Ever since I was a student, I have tried different types of straps as I noticed that sound quality changed dramatically depending on the strap being used.
However, I couldn't find one that could satisfy me 100% because each strap had its merits and demerits.
However, BREATHTAKING is an ideal one.
It's got everything: Comfortability, improved tone, good design, durability, body stress reduction...!
"A good tool is the best teacher"
Not only does BREATHTAKING make playing fun, but also it's a strap that changes the future.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Tokyo University of the Arts, Showa Academia Musicae, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Shobi College of Music
Tenor saxophone, Quatour B

Shinji Iimori

The best feature of BREATHTAKING is that it caters to a player’s needs.
The most basic problems when producing sound are breathing and posture.
This strap takes away the problems so that the player can focus only on the performance.
And since it is carefully made, it supports the weight of different horns, from soprano to baritone.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Professor, Osaka College of Music, Osaka Junior College of Music

Masato Ikegami

The arrival of BREATHTAKING sent shockwaves to the saxophone world.
It enables one to focus only on playing the saxophone without worrying about compromising one's health conditions.
Since using BREATHTAKING, I've realized how relaxed I am when I breathe, noticed how my posture is properly maintained, as well as the dramatic improvement in tone density.
The difference in sound quality is particularly astonishing.
One's skill doesn’t improve just because of a change in the tools being used.
However, the fact that I deeply care about tone quality makes me want to use a wonderful tool when I find one.
BREATHTAKING is one such tool.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Professor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

Kohei Ueno

BREATHTAKING evenly distributes the instrument's weight and reduces body stress.
I have been using it for about 5 years; the other day I experienced something that reconfirmed its attractiveness.
When I was discussing saxophone straps with my buddies, I ended up trying another strap.
After playing for a while, I switched back to BREATHTAKING and couldn't believe how much the sound quality improved! It just blew my mind!
We get used to things after a while but I never imagined that BREATHTAKING has contributed to the improvement of sound quality and resonance so much.
BREATHTAKING is a "must have" for me now. You will understand once you give it a try.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Soprano saxophone, The Rev Saxophone Quartet
First prize, 28th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition
Second prize, 6th Adolphe Sax International Competition

Masahiro Owada

It (Lithe Premium) is more comfortable than Lithe because of the softer fit.
And what is amazing is that you can get a richer and more focused tone color.
I'm very happy about the sound quality when performing in a big hall - it carries reallly well.
Powerful performance is my strength but, compared to the past, I now don't have to put too much strain on my upper body, and I think I can play in a more relaxed manner.
I can't play without it now.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■ Associate professor, Senzoku Gakuen School of Music

Sadahito Kunisue

I have been using BREATHTAKING for a long time. The strap enables one to switch instruments with ease, which was difficult before! It's ground-breaking!
I often switch between soprano and alto so the strap is particularly helpful.
I also like the new stylish look. Compared to the older model, this strap holds the instrument better in an angle that's just right.
But above all, I am so grateful that it reduces stress on the body.
I want to keep playing the saxophone for as long as possible, so I can't do without BREATHTAKING.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Kyoto City University of Arts/Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Chairman, Ansanbukkake・Sanuki Group/ Chairman of the board of directors, Itabashi-Ku Performer’s Association
Yas375/ Soprano Saxophone, Quatuor B /
Saxofox-Latour's Friend Player/ Quintet CIRC/ Saxaccord/ Spiel Chamber Ensemble/ Brass Exceed Tokyo

Masato Kumoi

The moment I switched to BREATHTAKING, the sound (produced by my sax) changed! I then realized that before I made the switch, how much stress my body had endured! One who can appreciate such a change has lots of potential to improve.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Visiting professor, Kunitachi College of Music Instructor, Shobi University
Naniwa Orchestral Winds

Gentaro Koyama

I've been using all the models of BREATHTAKING since it went on the market.
I think the main common feature of all the models is that BREATHTAKING straps do not compress the neck or the body.
As a result, I can play in a relaxed manner.
Each new BREATHTAKING model gets better and the newest Lithe Premium has a comfortable fit because of the soft leather and adjusting the length is now easier as well.
Also, by using the Wraplift, I feel that stress on my body is further reduced.
When my body naturally moves with the music, it doesn't get in the way so I can perform comfortably.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Komoro Senior High School Music Department/ Baritone saxophone, Quatuor B/ Saxofox

Nobuya Sugawa

Whether we can manipulate a musical instrument freely depends on how well we communicate with our body.
To give a good performance, it is important to know how not to waste energy while playing the instrument.
BREATHTAKING helps us achieve that.
Many saxophone-related problems stem from the fact that we hang our instrument around our neck.
Too much stress on the neck hinders deep breathing and muscle movements, and causes neck pain and shoulder tension as well.
BREATHTAKING was developed with the aim of reducing this stress.
Even for those who are confident about their physical health will notice the increased freedom if this strap is used.
And those who suffer even from the slightest neck problem can be helped by this strap.
I have met many such people.
BREATHTAKING was developed by my student, Yumiko Komura, who hit on the idea of developing this strap through her own struggle with body pain.
BREATHTAKING was developed as a result of her tremendous effort and continuous experimentation.
BREATHTAKING alleviates the damage on our bodies as a result of long-term use of the ordinary neck straps, and helps us perform better.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts/ Kyoto City University of Arts
Principal conductor, Yamaha Symphonic Band/ Soprano saxophone, Trouvère Quartet

Miho Sumiya

I’ve been a user of the BREATHTAKING Straps since high school. The strap has allowed me to breathe in more smoothly and has relieved my shoulder tension, both of which were issues I’ve struggled with for a very long time. When I used other straps due to leaving the BREATHTAKING Strap home by accident, I couldn’t breathe well and my body tensed up, causing resonance in my sound to diminish. In moments like these, I’ve come to further acknowledge and realize just how supportive the BREATHTAKING Straps have been to my playing. The strap has noticeable effects to overall performance, just as any changes to the parts or fundamental equipment of the saxophone would have. I love that we can play on soprano saxophone down to baritone saxophone with just one strap. As such, there’s no other strap I can see myself using.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Soprano saxophone, Lumie Saxophone Quartet
First prize, 9th Slovenia International Saxophone Competition
Second prize, 34th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition,

Yasuto Tanaka

Thanks to the BREATHTAKING Saxophone Strap Lithe, stress on my neck has gone and shoulder tension drastically reduced.
The air seems to go straight into the instrument because the strap doesn't tighten the throat.
As I am relaxed when performing, tonguing and fingering seem like second nature.
Breathing makes all the difference.
Lithe is the second most important item next to my instruments.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Aichi University of Arts/ Showa University of Music
Concertmaster, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra/ Baritone saxophone, Trouvère Quartet

Naomi Tabata

A change in sound, body and heart.

This is the first strap that enables me to make such rich sound that I sometimes find myself wondering, "did I change the mouthpiece?”

I've tried many different straps in the past, but with this strap, whether it be on soprano, alto or tenor saxophones, I get the best sound. Air flows into the instrument more readily, and I feel my body more relaxed, perhaps because I'm not pushing my body as hard to play. Thank you!

The strap now comes in numerous colors and there are also various fashionable charms available. I get excited from just wearing the strap. In orchestra I use the black, but when wearing a colorful dress or when I want to change my mood, I use the silver or white straps. Which strap shall I wear today? Hehe.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Instructor, Doshisha Women’s of College / Kobe College / Tokushima Bunri University / Kyoto Horikawa Music High School

Masahiro Tamura

It is said that a good workman does not blame his tools, but I think if one really wants to create an ultimate piece of art, one should definitely pick out the right tool.
Similarly, although a music player cannot change his/her skill by just changing the tool, tool selection is extremely important when it comes to efficiently draw out the player's ability, and to accurately emphasize the part that the player intends to emphasize.
Everybody is particular about finding a tool that can help produce the ultimate sound.
BREATHTAKING draws out a player’s potential to the utmost.
And yes - the rest is up to the player.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Instructor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Yaei High School /
Clover Saxophone Quartet / Quartet Liber /

Katsuki Tochio

I've been playing the saxophone for thirty-some years, and every year I tended to suffer from neck and back pain - particularly since I have been playing baritone more.
I have given up trying to deal with this occupational disease. However, since I started using the BREATHTAKING Strap several years ago, I have been almost pain-free.
I think many people have talked about the merits of using BREATHTAKING for better performance, but continuous use enables me to attest to the long-term physical benefits that I talked about.
Thank you again!

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra/ Trio Kazaguruma
Instructor of Saxophone, Musashino University of Music/ Seitoku University

Junji Nakayama

As someone who performs the saxophone on a regular basis, I feel that using the BREATHTAKING Strap has helped reduce the amount of fatigue I experience. The strap certainly makes it easier for me to play the instrument, but more importantly, it enables me to continue to perform even as I age!
The BREATHTAKING Strap connects me to the saxophone in a gentle and supportive way.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Instructor, Nagoya University of the Arts /
Buffet Crampon Artist/Clinician / Crescent Company / Unità Della Sax / METEOR Sax Quartet

Hitomi Hara

BREATHTAKING amazingly has reduced my chronic neck and shoulder pain.
I can support the instrument freely without feeling constricted.
As a result, I can breathe more robustly and the sound carries better.
I clearly remember the difference in sound quality between using the conventional neck strap and this one.
It's a product that enables me to concentrate on producing better sound and expression at all times.
I use the Wraplift and have noticed my ability to maintain good condition has also increased.
Recently, more grade-school students and elderly players are using BREATHTAKING.
I recommend BREATHTAKING so that everyone can enjoy the saxophone and music for many years to come.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Seitoku University/ Senzoku Gakuen College of Music/ Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged University of Tsukuba

Ryota Higashi

The strap is so comfortable because it doesn't press on my neck.
You can feel the obvious difference with heavier instrument like baritone, so it's really invaluable!
Since I can play without much stress on my body, the sound carries better. I recommend it!

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Baritone saxophone, Quartet Spiritus/ Tokyo Chutei Iki
Yasuaki Shimizu & SAXOPHONETTES/ Yoshihide Otomo Special Big Band

Shin-ichiro Hikosaka

What I like about BREATHTAKING is that the sound becomes richer.
It’s easier to put on than a harness and I can move the instrument freely.
I also like the feel of the leather. Since introducing this strap to my students,
almost all of them use it now.
In particular, elementary school students say that they almost have no neck or shoulder pain now.
Needless to say, everyone's sound quality has improved.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Professor, Ueno Gakuen University/ Instructor of Saxophone, Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music
Alto Saxophone, Trouvère Quartet

Masahiro Fujioka

A few years ago, I suffered from cervical herniation caused by using the conventional neck strap.
After battling the pain for a year, I fully recovered.
While recovering, I still had to perform so I was indebted to the BREATHTAKING Strap.
The old model was kind to the neck and made my sound richer, so I liked it very much but the front bar seemed too thick.
The bar in the new Lithe series is more subtle and stylish and I am grateful that I can easily adjust the length.
The design around the neck has improved - it doesn't compress the neck. Therefore, compared to the old model, it makes the sound come out easier and resonate even better.
It's so excellent! I love it.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Yoshio Suzuki EAST BOUNCE/ Nettai Jazz Gakudan

Yusuke Horie

BREATHTAKING supports very natural and smooth breathing.
Even in tough performances such as playing solo in an orchestra, with the instrument fully supported by BREATHTAKING, I always feel the strap has become my strong ally and
am reassured.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Instructor, Meiwa High School / Arion Saxophone Quartet

Hiroyuki Matsui

Since turning 35, I've started to suffer from shoulder tension and backache.
Compared to when I was in my 20s, I became tired more easily when I played, but I resigned to the fact that it was due to age.
Then my quartet member told me about the strap. I was skeptical but I tried it.
My breathing became easier and I could use my whole body when I played.
Of course, I no longer feel pain now and I feel like I can play the saxophone forever.
Health is everything!!!! I highly recommend BREATHTAKING.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Tenor saxophone, Quartet Spiritus/ MUSIC PLAYERS Okawaridan

Takamasa Matsubara

Since I started using BREATHTAKING, the stress on my neck is reduced, my breathing is not interrupted, and my range of expression has broadened.
Try it once - you won't be able to give it up!
And you will probably be able to have the best performance ever.

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Instructor, Showa Academia Musicae/ Ueno Gakuen University
Soprano saxophone, Quartet Spiritus/ TRIO LIBERTAD/ THE WIND WAVE

Masaya Yamaura

It's comfortable because there is little stress on the body, and as a result, I can breathe naturally and keep a good posture.
Because of that, the air goes through the instrument better, the horn responds faster and the sound resonates and carries better.
This positive chain of events is what I feel when I use BREATHTAKING Lithe.
That's why I use it, and the strap has become an important element in my performance.
It's also the reason why players in Japan and all over the world love the strap.
In the past, I considered a strap as merely a tool to hang the instrument.
Lithe is such an amazing strap that it completely changed my thought.
Premium has a softer fit that makes the instrument feel even lighter, the horn respond faster, the resonance better, and the sound carry further.
In addition, it's also attractive and stylish as there are now more colors to choose from.
I use the Wraplift with the strap and they are now my most "powerful gear".

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Alto saxophone, Quatuor B/ Saxofox/ Les homme SKY/ Chairman of the board of directors
Itabashi-ku Performer’s Association

Tadaomi Yamada

At the risk of being misunderstood, I think the ultimate goal when playing a wind instrument is “not doing anything (special)".
The key is whether one is able to disregard playing an instrument as doing something special.
The new BREATHTAKING is so comfortable that I hardly even notice it on my body, which is so relaxed that I feel as though I was just having a nice conversation with my friend.
It allows me to not consciously think, "OK! I'm gonna play now!" and that easily realizes my goal of "not being consciously aware of playing".

【Uses Lithe Premium】

■Trio YaS-375

Yucco Miller

I started using the BREATHTAKING strap since 2010.
When I first used BREATHTAKING during my performance, I was really surprised at the obvious change in the tone of my saxophone.
The strap does not squeeze my neck and the burden on my body is reduced. As a result, my breath can easily and smoothly enter the instrument, making the sound thicker and richer than before.
More than anything else, the strap is very comfortable to wear, making it easy for me to concentrate on my performance.
BREATHTAKING is the only strap I use now – I cannot use any other straps anymore!

【Uses Lithe Premium】

Saxophonist / Composer / Arranger

Asya Fateyeva

"The BREATHTAKING Strap is very comfortable and suitable for everybody. As I travel a lot it does not take much space and fits perfectly in the saxophone case. It gives you a comfortable feeling and well equilibrated weight of your saxophone while playing. Nothing disturbs you while performing and practicing. Enjoy! “

3rd Prize, 6th Adolphe Sax International Competition

Chien-Kwan Lin

"This is FREEDOM!" 

Associate professor, Eastman School of Music

Clifford Leaman

I have now been using the BREATHTAKING Strap for about a month. It came in just a few days before I recorded a new CD, and I used it for all of the long recording sessions. It felt great! I never minded the weight of the saxophones and was able to keep going in long sessions without the normal physical fatigue I was expecting. I've been using it non-stop since then.

Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor,
University of South Carolina School of Music

Drew Whiting

Not only is the BREATHTAKING Strap comfortable, but it also promotes proper posture and proper breath. I would recommend the BREATHTAKING Strap to any serious saxophonist.

Associate professor, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Eric Lau

The BREATHTAKING Strap is the most comfortable strap I have every tried. It perfectly blends the advantages of a harness with the comfort of a strap to give me the freedom I need to perform without strain or fatigue. I am also so impressed with the quality of the product. It is as beautifully made as it is effective. 

【Uses Lithe Premium】

University of New Mexico Associate Professor

Johan van der Linden

The Wraplift gives stability. The neck is free so this gives a better playing position and better sound.The Wraplift gives a good grip on the neck. A simple adjustment with big effect.I have been playing with the strap for some time now and I cannot do without it anymore.This is the best saxophone product for professional musician.

Professor, Artez Conservatory in Swolle and Utrecht(Netherland)

John Nichol

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy using the Breathtaking Strap. It is wonderful! Now that I have adjusted to it, it is nearly impossible to use the old fashioned neck straps that pinch my neck. It makes playing easier, and it helps me to be more relaxed when I perform.
Thank you for the excellent product.

Professor, Central Michigan University School of Music

Kenneth Tse

"Breathtaking is one of the most comfortable and innovative saxophone straps I have ever used.
I like the original design but the new version has so much more to offer.
Its versatility and ergonomics are unmatched;
I can now play all four sizes of saxophone without having to change my strap!
Moreover, the weight of the instrument can now be distributed evenly on the trapezius muscles, which help stabilizing the scapulae and arm movements.
Players should be able to obtain better playing posture in general. Congratulations on such a wonderful product!"

Professor, University of Iowa School of Music

Lev Pupis

I have been using the Breathtaking strap since two years and I must say I fell in love with it from the first moment when my collegue and friend Kenneth Tse lent me his to try it out. Since than I never even thought of replacing it with something else and for me it is the best product on the market. When I am playing I feel relaxed and free and the combination of design, ergonomics and material is so natural and good for me. Most of my students and friends are using Breathtaking as well and they all could confirm my statement.

■Saxophone teacher at the Conservatory of music in Ljubljana, Slovenia
■Senior lecturer at the University of music and performing arts in Graz, Austria
■Artistic leader of the Sekvoja cultural society
■Soprano saxophone, Ensemble 4saxess

【新規】Michael Jamieson20161205_re.jpg

Michael Jamieson

The BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium has been a really happy discovery for me.
It really takes the pressure off the neck (eliminating all the problems of conventional neck straps), but puts the instrument in a much more natural playing position than typical harnesses. It also works perfectly with a jacket/tailcoat (something I've never been able to get with anything but old-fashioned uncomfortable neck straps before) and thus being able to be used with orchestra/concert dress.
I previously used a harness-type in practice/rehearsal, then reverted to the uncomfortable neck strap for concerts requiring jacket/tailcoat.
Those problems are now gone thanks to BREATHTAKING. It's beautifully made too, and the white underside of the strap also eliminates the unsightly marks left by some other black leather straps.
Perhaps best of all, if sized correctly, it works perfectly with all four main saxophones. (Worth spending the time to get the correct size, and adjust it well). I love it and recommend it highly.

Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Nicolas Woillard

Having suffered from neck pain for many years,
trying the Breathtaking Strap Lithe was a revelation.
Confortable and with easy adjustments, this strap allows me to play the soprano, alto,
tenor or baryton saxophones without feeling the slightest pain.
Congratulations to the designers !

Professor, Conservatory of Dijon (France)

Paul J. Forsyth

I could not be happier with the Breathtaking Strap. As soon as I first put the Breathtaking Strap on, I felt less tension in my neck and shoulders and felt more relaxed in general. It was an immediate release. I find it to be especially helpful with the larger saxophones, seeing as I play a lot of tenor. I would recommend using the Breathtaking Saxophone Strap to any and all of my colleagues and students.”

Associate professor, Luisiana Northwestern State University School of Music

Paul Nolen

"Hands down, the best saxophone neck strap I've ever used. The innovative design results in the horn feeling extremely light and balanced. My comfort and endurance on both alto and tenor has increased dramatically as a result."

Associate Professor, Illinois State University School of Music-College of Fine Arts

杨桐Yang Tong

It is pretty practical to have one strap for 4 saxophones.
When I use BREATHTAKING, my body has so much freedom that I can obtain rich musical expression.

Professor, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China